About Us

Eduardo Guilarte, founder of BAILNYC, is a Vietnam veteran, decorated for heroism in combat in the battle of Ong Thang on October 17th 1967. Major Donald Holleder was wounded en route to the battle, Eduardo is credited for, while under enemy fire, throwing Holleder over his shoulder and evacuating Hollader to a site where medevac took him out of the combat zone. Eduardo was given the bronze with V device for heroism in combat. Eduardo is a proud combat veteran and he brings this same spirit of service to his work with BailNYC. He has over 30 years of experience in business and offers a wealth of knowledge to all his clients and business associates. He is known in the community for his friendly demeanor and willingness to help. He takes great pride in being a part of the NYC community and offering quality service in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Eduardo as reconnaissance scout

Taken one day before battle

We are a bail agency dedicated to helping families and individuals in the community not just in need of being bailed out of jail, but by standing by our clients and seeing the bail process right through to the individuals release from custody. We treat every client with the utmost respect and go out of our way to protect their privacy. We strongly believe that treating our clients as part of the family helps them to let go of their stress and emotions, while, we, the professionals, take care of the details related to bailing their loved one out of jail. Honesty, Trust and Integrity, along with compassion and respect is the formula we subscribe to every day of our lives with every client.

We have also earned the respect from the criminal attorney community by the number of referrals we receive annually. This is not just because of the service we provide, but also for our involvement with the communities we serve, in general. We believe in giving back whenever we can and supporting our youth to help build positive character and success for their future.

Letter From US Army for Bronze Star Medal

Bronze Star with V device for Valor

Donald Holleder, athelete and veteran

Holleder Center, at West Point Academy

Honorable Discharge from the US Army

Bronze Star Plaque Awarded Eduardo